In the rainforests of South America there exists a legend about a giant carnivorous ground sloth.

At one time in the past history of humans, people shared the Earth with what paleontologists call the megafauna. Some believe that a giant ground sloth, possibly even the elephant-sized Megatherium, may have evaded extinction and lives deep in the uninhabited parts of the South American rainforest. However, over the years, an even more interesting legend has developed. It is one that proposes the existence of a lion-sized sloth that still has some arboreal traits. But this beast seems to move much faster than its sloth contemporaries. What makes it even more bizarre is the claim by local natives that it eats meat.

If such a carnivorous sloth does exist, how could it become a carnivore? It has been discovered that prehistoric sloths were not strictly vegetarians, but also scavenged meat, even stealing meaty kills from feral predators. It is said that the Tiger sloth acts much like a jaguar and frequents the forest beachfronts, where it ambushes prey.

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