Blank Template for Years for the Fortean Timeline

Cut and paste the following code into the blank pages for years:


+ [[[January]]]

+ [[[February]]]

+ [[[March]]]

+ [[[April]]]

+ [[[May]]]

+ [[[June]]]

+ [[[July]]]

+ [[[August]]]

+ [[[September]]]

+ [[[October]]]

+ [[[November]]]

+ [[[December]]]


Particular dates can be added beneath the respective month using code such as:

++ [[[August 11]]]

Once you have saved your new page click on Options at the very bottom right of the page. Then click on Parent and type the relevant decade into the box. This will create the breadcrumbs navigation element featured at the very top of your page and will ensure that it shows in the Site Map. You can also choose to add tags by clicking on Tag at the bottom of the page. For further help with editing pages click here.

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