The Skeptic

The Skeptic is a United Kingdom magazine which aims to investigate and critically examine claims of the paranormal and pseudoscience. It was founded in 1987 by Wendy M Grossman, and subsequently edited from 1988 to 1998 by Toby Howard (The University of Manchester, UK) and Professor Steve Donnelly (University of Salford, UK).


The magazine is now edited by Lindsay Kallis1 and Professor Chris French2, at the Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit of Goldsmiths College, London. It is a non-profit, quarterly publication which aims to serve "journalists, teachers, psychologists, and inquisitive people of all ages".

Official Podcast

In 2008, an independent, rationalist talk show airing on London's Resonance FM called Little Atoms became The Official Podcast of The Skeptic Magazine. New episodes of the show are released on an almost weekly basis. The show has been produced by Neil Denny, Padraig Reidy, Anthony Burn and Richard Sanderson since September 2005.345

Lecture Series

It is also linked to the long running London based monthly lecture series, Skeptics in the Pub, along with Professor Chris French's Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit lectures at Goldsmiths.6

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