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Woodcut of a sea serpent by Olaus Magnus (from Historia de Gentibus Septentrionalibus: Rome, 1555)

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This site is for anyone who is interested in the world of forteana; strange phenomena, unusual events or the unexplained or downright ludicrous. Whether your particular interest is in cryptozoology, parapsychology, ufology or any other of the damned -ologies, then this is the place for you.

The main chapters or sections of the site are given at the top of the side menu. On the top menu you will see buttons called Gallery, Feeds and Links. The gallery is a handy place to store and display all of the images on the site and to ensure that any of the images used on any of the pages on the site can all be taken from one single location. The feeds are particularly useful for the gathering of fortean news as a multitude of news feeds can be checked from one location.

Only those with a Wikidot account can contribute to most of the content here, though only full site members have access to certain functions, such as deleting and renaming, and only full members can contribute to the blog. Details of how to join the site can be found here. If you are already a member then you can invite your friends by clicking here.

It will be necessary, in the initial stages at least, to lift a lot of the material from Wikipedia due to the large amount of material required, but it is hoped that once the basic pages are here then members will be able to edit, expand and improve the pages, and add sub-pages where appropriate. Although wikis are generally in the public domain, and usually come with a GNU or Creative Commons license (for details of the license used on the majority of this wiki see here), there are some pages here which are wholly copyright, such as blog entries and those featuring external feeds, so, before using any of the material in this wiki please check at the bottom of the page to see if the Creative Commons link is there. If not, then the page should be considered copyright. The ability to define copyrighted pages on the site may also be useful for anyone wishing to contribute to the site, but keen to retain copyright of that material. This would normally apply to pages which are, more or less, stand alone articles, usually created by one person, and these can be blocked from being edited by anyone else other than the author. Any such page will also, as standard, feature the word copyright in the url. See the Test Page for an example of this. Please feel free to contact an Administrator if you wish you create such pages.

Please see the Terms of Use before using this site and before using any of the material herein.

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