July 5


Captain Rauser and the crew of the German vessel Kaiserin Victoria sighted a sea-serpent off Prawle Point in South Devon. It was about 20ft long and a foot to 18 inches thick, blue-grey on top and whitish underneath. The creature was whipping the water violently with its tail and at times nearly the whole of the body was visible.1


Harold T Wilkins and a companion reported seeing "two remarkable saurians, fifteen to twenty feet long, with bottle-green colubrine heads, one behind the other, their middle parts under the water of the tidal creek of East Looe, Cornwall, apparently chasing a shoal of fish up the creek. What was amazing were their dorsal parts: ridged, serrated, and like the old Chinese pictures of dragons … These monsters—and two of us saw them—resembled the pleisiosaurus of Mesozoic times.234

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