British Big Cats Society

The British Big Cats Society (BBCS) was set up in 2000 by Danny Bamping and is based at Dartmoor Wildlife Park in Devon.1 The society was set up "to scientifically identify, quantify, catalogue and protect the Big Cats that freely roam the British countryside."2


The society is a UK Network of people whose aim is to research, study and analyse the presence of Big Cats throughout Britain. Another aim is that of educating the public about big cats in general and, more specifically, about the ones that they believe are present in the UK.3


The BBCS encourages the public to report sightings of big cats in the UK. They also claim that they are willing and able to assist the relevant authorities in dealing with Big Cat sightings, evidence and situations.4

The society is also active in obtaining conclusive evidence of big cats in the UK and is raising funds to undertake projects such as 'Trigger Cameras', in order to attempt to identify any species present. With detailed and long term studies they hope to establish the numbers of animals, where they are located and if there is any possible risk to livestock or humans.5


The BBCS states that it "wishes to see the British big cat population regarded as a (collective) protected species and safeguarded from the gun, as far as is reasonably practicable."6

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