Off the coast of South America in 1997, hydrophones originally set up by the US to detect incoming Soviet Submarines picked up a sound. That sound seemed to be from a live animal, but were that the case said animal would have been larger than a blue whale.

Apparently for a creature to create a sound of this magnitude, it would have to be significantly larger than a blue whale, which is believed to be the largest animal ever to have lived.

The Bloop is a sound picked up underwater in 1997, an unexplained sound. The best scientific minds out there still don’t know what it is. There’s no doubt been talk of it being some sort of a submersible alien craft skimming the bottom side of the various ocean’s waters, but the few clues its given seem to indicate its an animal. At least according to CNN anyway:

“While [the sound] bears the varying frequency hallmark of marine animals, it is far more powerful than the calls made by any creature known on Earth, Britain’s New Scientist reported on Thursday. It is too big for a whale and one theory is that it is a deep sea monster, possibly a many-tentacled giant squid.”

A mega-squid has been quickly discounted as the sound-source because those animals don’t have the body parts to make these types of noises. The way they can tell it’s too big to be a whale is by the magnitude of the sound that emanated from it. Another curious factor about it is the sound was recorded on multiple occasions in areas geographically close to each other. A website called has a spattering of additional details:

“The sound, traced to somewhere around 50° S 100° W (South American southwest coast), was detected repeatedly by the Equatorial Pacific Ocean autonomous hydrophone array, which uses U.S. Navy equipment originally designed to detect Soviet submarines… it “rises rapidly in frequency over about one minute and was of sufficient amplitude to be heard on multiple sensors, at a range of over 5,000 km.”…it matches the audio profile of a living creature but there is no known animal that could have produced the sound. If it is an animal, it would have to be, reportedly, much larger than even a Blue Whale, the largest known animal on the earth.”

At the end of the day - it’s just a sound. Had the sound’s maker been caught on video then this may not be such a mystery. At the same time - if it had been caught on video - and the creature’s appearance was just too much to bear, maybe mankind would prefer to keep itself landlocked for the rest of our existence.

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