Big cat sighting 2001

I lived in a Hamlet called Roundham Nr Crewkerne in Somerset for 15yrs.

It's situated around 3 miles from what was Cricket St Thomas Zoo.

I remember seeing a black cat out my bedroom window but was only 14yrs old at the time and never thought to report it. As others I was never taken seriously at the time!!

It was around 100m away. I remember thinking it must have been a big black dog but with no owner in sight. I continued to watch as I was concerned no owner was present.

The 'dog' stopped, turned toward a hedge around 150m away. It was when it jumped and easily cleared a 6ft hedge. I thought fuck me that's not a black lab! It also had a tail almost as long as its body!

Posted by BenbigcatBenbigcat on 09 Dec 2016 19:54


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