The aggregators on the feeds page are looking okay now. These aggregators, and indeed all of the feeds, should be very useful to fortean researchers. It took me a while to adjust them as I needed to improvise the rss/atom urls for at least one of the sites featured. The Youtube feeds still don't represent the actual search and I'll attempt to fix this at some point (any help with this from Wikidot gurus (or Youtube gurus) would be much appreciated). The Youtube feeds show the relevant searches on each aggregator, but they don't mirror the 'newest' or 'uploaded this month' sorts. Guessing the correct url for this particular supplier hasn't worked so far. Technorati seems to have regular problems maintaining its feed supply (too much traffic they say), but usually the actual search link, just above the feed, works fine, and it may be a temporary blip, so I guess that's not too much of a problem. More coffee and nicotine is in order then, I suppose!

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