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Having just spent several hours adding sightings reports to the Big Cats in the South West page, the sheer volume of these reports never ceases to amaze me. Though many of these reports may be cases of mistaken identity or hoaxing, those that surely remain must still amount to what would be considered as overwhelming circumstantial evidence of the existence of big cats prowling around the British countryside. I am and have for a long time, living where I do, been disappointed at not witnessing any of the creatures. I still spend quite a lot of time roaming the moors and used to spend even more time doing so. There are places where I can see both north and south coasts, and sometimes even the west coast too. Views of features 20 miles away are not uncommon from such high moors. I know several people who have seen big cats in West Cornwall. My mother and grandmother told me in about 2001 of a pair of black kittens, much larger than even large domestic cats, they had seen playing in a field next to the by-pass at Mount Ambrose near Redruth. A former colleague and friend of mine saw a large black cat cross a country road in front of his car near Newbridge in Penwith in November 2008. It is also likely that my partner, who lives in Mylor Bridge, is acquainted with Trevor Bartle, who claims that a big cat came up to his car window there in 2000. This particular story I will be following up. In 1985 I witnessed what appeared to be a ghost walk through a wall in my brother's flat in Ermington Terrace, Plymouth. On April 4, 1996, again in Plymouth, I witnessed multiple UFOs performing ridiculously precise manoeuvres over the city accompanied by the comet Hyakutake and a total lunar eclipse; a sighting independently witnessed by others that same night. And yet if I were asked if I should like to swap any of these for a close encounter with a big cat here in Cornwall I imagine that I would pounce at the chance.

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