August 15


The "Robozero Marvel of 1663", a report from Russia published in the St Petersburg Archaeographic Society Archives for 1842. The report actually exists and went on record long before ideas of UFOs could influence the account. A cleric writing to his superiors of his investigation of the incident, which they had heard second-hand, spoke to eyewitnesses and learned that people gathered in church heard a rumbling noise at midmorning and went outside to see what was the matter. In the clear and sunny sky, a glowing red spherical object with blue smoke emerging from its sides and rays of light extending from the front crossed over the lake and disappeared. Less than an hour later, the people came out of church again to see the same or a similar object going in another direction. About noon, the object returned a third time, this time to hover over the lake for 45 minutes. The diameter of the sphere was enormous, equivalent to the height of a 15-storey building; the light rays illuminated the lake all the way to the bottom; and men in a boat could not approach near the object because the heat was so strong. The fish in the lake fled toward the shore and the red light from the object covered parts of the lake with a rusty colour. Despite the inconvenience of historic distance, this account is credible reporting for any age. The details are plentiful and striking. The description is like nothing of the standard marvels and prodigies of the era, and even allowing for exaggeration, the object was still huge and impressive. Attempts to account for it as a big meteor or ball lightning definitely do not fit. Here is evidence that something strange happened long before any earthly aircraft existed.

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