Duncan Viner witnesses Morgawr swimming "a few hundred yards off Rosemullion Head" in Cornwall. At first, he thought it was a whale, as only a dark hump was visible; but as he watched, it started to rise in the water and a long neck appeared. Mr Viner estimated the length of the monster to be between thirty and forty feet.12 That same month, Miss Amelia Johnson, on holiday from London, was taking a walk in the Rosemullion area when she saw a "strange form suddenly emerge from the water in Falmouth Bay". She describes "a sort of prehistoric dinosaur thing with a long neck the length of a lamp post". Also in January, Gerald Bennet of Seworgan, saw a creature swimming in the Helford one afternoon. The part of it above the water was "about twelve feet in length with an elongated neck".34 Later that same month a carcass was discovered at Durgan Beach, on the Helford, by Mrs Payne of Falmouth. The remains were still unidentified the following year.567



March 5

In March 1976, 'Mary F' sent two photographs, apparently of Morgawr, to the Falmouth Packet, along with a covering letter. The letter and photographs were published on St Piran's Day, March 5.8 She said the creature, spotted off Trefusis Point in Mylor in Cornwall, was black or very dark brown, at least 18ft long and that "it looked like an elephant waving its trunk, but the trunk was a long neck with a small head at the end, like a snake's head. It had humps on its back which moved in a funny way… the animal frightened me. I would not like to see it any closer. I do not like the way it moved when swimming." Neither Mary F or the negatives have ever been traced. Noted mystery writers and photographers Janet and Colin Bord9 have examined first-generation copy prints, and "feel that these photographs could well be genuine."101112


April 16

A fifteen year old schoolboy from Helston in Cornwall spotted a "weird animal with two humps and a long neck like a snake", moving up the river between Toll Point and the Gew. The monster was 'slimy, black and about twenty five feet long'. He took a photograph of the animal which was later shown on BBC television's Spotlight.13


Tony Rogers and John Chambers had been fishing off the rocks at Parson's Beach in Mawnan in Cornwall when "suddenly something rose out of the water about 150 or 200 yards away. It was greeny-grey in colour and appeared to have humps. Another smaller one also appeared. They were visible for about ten seconds and looked straight at us."14



July 3

Christine Shiels wrote a letter to the Falmouth Packet describing a sighting by her, her husband "Doc", and four of their children, of "Morgawr the sea-monster" at the Mawnan side of Grebe Beach in Cornwall on July 3, 1976.15 Roy Peters, a 17 year old skin diver from Helston claims to have seen "three mini-Morgawrs" whilst diving in the Helford River off Grebe Beach that same month. He said that they had "skin like seals, but because of their ugly heads and necks were definitely not seals."16 Ffishermen John Cock of Redruth and George Vinnicombe of Falmouth claim to sight a creature while fishing 25 miles south of the Lizard. Mr Vinnicombe stated that "it looked like an enormous tyre about 4ft up in the water with a back like corrugated iron." He also said that the creature had a black body and a grey head, and estimated the animal's length to be about 22 feet.1718


August 27

Bramwell Holmes, his wife Pauline and son Andrew, reportedly sighted Morgawr on this day. They witnesses two dark grey mottled humps rise above the water's surface off Restronguet Point in Mylor in Cornwall. They described the humps as about 2ft high and 5ft across.19


September 11

Sometime during the week ending September 11, 1976, Donald Ferris of Falmouth reportedly witnessed the creature at Gyllyngvase Beach in Falmouth in Cornwall whilst exercising his dog at 7:10 am. He said: "I saw what looked like a small boat coming towards Gyllyngvase from Swanpool. When it got closer, I realised it was a creature like a giant eel, at least 60ft long and dark grey. As it submerged its back reared out of the water in a hump formation."20



Doc Shiels claimed to have photographed Morgawr at Parson's Beach in Mawnan, Cornwall, lying low in the water. He said: "I was waving my stick around … and it appeared. No one was more amazed than me." He mentioned "little stumpy horns" on its head, and he described the body of the animal as 15 feet long.2122


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